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Hey my Solo Sessions family, welcome to my first Solo Sessions blog!

The past 16 months have been nothing short of chaos, so I hope this blog finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

In this blog I’m going to share with you all some of my top tips for staying active, keeping hydrated and hopefully help motivate you along the way! I will also be answering some of your questions, with the help of my sis; Kadeen. Together, I hope we can support one-another during these unprecedented times.

First up, myself (S) and Kadeen (K) had a lot of fun answering some of your questions! There were a lot of great questions, but here are some of our favourites.

1. Do you have a favourite warm up technique or maybe one you’ve learnt during lockdown? S - My favourite warm up technique is “prehab” – not “rehab” – “pre-hab”. Prehab is a pre-warm up to the warm up. Let me explain. This is a technique I use to ‘wake’ my body up by focusing on activating my muscles and my core - everything needs to be switched on before I actually warm up!

K - I like to do a technique called “activation”, as well as light weights (if you don’t have weights at home, something like a water bottle could also be used – just make sure the lid is on tight!). I also really like to do a quick ‘heart-raiser’, such as skipping for 2/3 minutes.

2. During lockdown, what has been your go to show / film? S - Don’t laugh at me – I’m know I am late to discover this - but I have started watching ‘How to get away with murder’. That’s been my ‘go-to-lockdown-show’. Oh and ‘Money heist’.

K - Netflix has been THE BEST! Netflix has been my ‘go-to’. The latest one at the moment is ‘Cobra Kai’ – it’s quite cool.

3. What would you recommend for hydration during a work out? S – During a work out, I opt for something that will give me a little bit more of a boost rather than just water. I am currently drinking iPRO to keep hydrated - and there are loads of flavours to chose from so I don’t get bored.

K – I look for drinks with electrolytes; such as Lucozade – otherwise I make up my own using things such as ribena, or orange juice, and then adding a pinch of salt (optional).

4. Tell us something we may not know about you S - This is a tough one! I don’t particularly enjoy cooking. I always have recipes to hand, so I do follow instructions quite a bit, but I only have a few meals I can do solo. I mainly like to switch things up! K - I am a sucker for deals! [S: anywhere in particular?] Nope! On anything and everything! It’s all about the deals, deals, deals!

5. What does a post-match meal / snack consist of? S - As soon as the game is over, I reach for something with protein - possibly a protein or milk shake - followed by fruit, then whatever the post-match meal is.

K – Yeah, I am similar to you S, I like to have a protein shake straight after a game - literally within the first 30 minutes of coming off of court in the cool-down. My favourite ‘go-to-meal’ is a chicken curry, with salad and coleslaw!

6. What’s your favourite flavour of crisps?

S – I’m not a massive crisps fan, I prefer salted popcorn

K - Ready salted, every time

7. How do you stay motivated? S - Motivating others helps keep me motivated, which is one of the main reasons I started Solo Sessions. I’d also suggest setting yourself a goal to aim for. However, above everything, always loving what I do, and knowing why I have started something helps keep me motivated and focused.

K – I think about what I want as a person, and as a player. So I like to focus on small goals, one at a time, rather than over-whelming myself with a massive idea in my head of what I want to achieve / where I want to end up. For me it’s all about the steps – the process – of the journey ahead. Once I have achieved this, I move on to the next goal.

8. How do you relax? S – I have started to use Epsom salts in my bath and sleep music really helps to calm me before bed. I sleep like a baby after that! K - I lie on my couch, cuddle my cat – shout out to Rudey! - and watch TV!

9. Which women inspire you? S - They aren’t netballers, but I really admire the Williams sisters – I love them and I would love the chance to meet them! K - There’s too many women to choose between! Do I say you Sash? (S: well of course ha ha) I think I would have to agree, Serena Williams for me is an inspiration and I would love the chance to meet her.

10. What are your thoughts on international players coming over and playing in the super league, and the impact that has on the game at super league level? S - I think its great for the superleague, because international players bring a different flavour and it changes the style of the game, which I think is great for fans to watch, and us as players to play against. It brings a different dimension to the superleague. I do however still believe in developing the game play of our youngsters coming up through the superleague – they’re the future!

K – I agree, I think its great to have imports in the superleague as it livens up the game and brings different styles to the game, and it makes everyone get a little bit better because we are adapting to different types of styles. It’s nice to share different netball styles and techniques.

“I love the ‘team aspect’ of netball, without it, I don’t think I would play.” - Sasha Corbin

Staying Active

Like many of you, I have recently found myself confined to the same four walls of my house, every day for what feels an eternity. Unable to socialise with friends and family, I decided to channel my energy – and boredom – by focusing on my health, both physical and mental. This has meant adapting my usual workout routines, by coming up with new and creative ways to keep fit and keep my mind focused.

Before COVID, you would have found me in the gym working hard to maintain my fitness, strength, and stamina, for our Super League netball games (as well as International games where I would proudly represent the England Roses). However, with the closure of gyms, many of us have had to adapt, such as swapping gym equipment – like weights – to objects found in the home, such as a tin of beans for hand-weights!

As many of you will be aware, as well as setting up videos on YouTube (check out my latest; Home Ball Handling Skills - I also had set a ‘21 Day Challenge’. Thank you to all of you who took up my challenge! You guys did amazing! You should all be really proud of yourselves!

Keep an eye out for my next challenge; Solo Sessions 40 Day Lent Challenge! Starting on the 17th February. You have full access when you buy BOOTCAMP 1.0. Special live sessions led by Jo Trip, Jodie Gibson, Kadeen Corbin & I. Not to mention a special dance session called Funkee Fitness led by my cousin Kyle Murray. We can’t wait to welcome you.

TOP TIP: whilst being active in any capacity is important - as a netball player - it is crucial to look at exercises targeted specifically at direction within your movement, to best prepare your body for the first match back (whenever that may be). Simple techniques such as running from side to side, is a great example of this.

Whichever techniques you adopt, don’t be afraid to get creative (in a safe way), and above all else:


So for now my Solo Sessions Family, stay safe, stay motivated and remember we are in this together.

Love Sasha

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